What is a promesse de vente in a French real estate transaction?

In France, the ‘promesse de vente’ is a similiar document to the  ‘compromis de vente’. It is a French real estate property document created by a French notary. But they are not the same documents.

In general the promesse de vente is an unilateral undertaking by the vendor to sell that gives the buyer an option to purchase. It is the vendor who is committed not the buyer. It is preliminary document used by some notaries.

IMPORTANT: French legal documents are complicated so don’t rely on us we are not qualfied to give you legal advice. Instead seek legal advice to understand the promesse de vente. If someone in France has presented to you a ‘promesse de vente’ you need legal advice to truly understand this document.

Remember at this time the Buyer pays all the notary fees so it is wise to use your own notary who speaks your native language.

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