Warning: Understand the cost of French Apartments Co Properties

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French apartments like the one in this picture are very beautiful. They offer so much more charm than the apartments you may find in other countries.

However, when you are considering buying a French apartment you need to be warned.

Some of the older apartments, for example, apartments that were built in the 1960’s often suffer from the following problems that can make your monthly apartment charges very expensive.


Large areas in the entrance of the building or large hallways that are inefficiently heated. You pay a portion of the charges of this area so you need the cost to be low.


The apartment residence may have a large garden area that is costly to maintain and you will pay a portion of the charges for the outdoor area.


The building may also need repairs or the cost to repair may go up and cost you proportionately more.

Before you invest in any apartment in France make sure you have reviewed the cost of the monthly charges and any pending charges and make sure you know what is included in the monthly charges so you know if this expense that is part of being a French apartment owner is manageable for you.

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