Warning: Property Taxes in France Still Increasing what can you do?

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Property taxes in France have steadily increased over the last five years.

According to the National Union of Property (UNPI), a survey released in October 2016 shows that between 2010 and 2015 property taxes in France have increased on average 14.7 percent!

This the UNPI says is 3 times the rate of inflation which was 4.97 percent between 2010 and 2015.

The president of UNPI said he is not aware of any rental income, salaries or pensions that have increased by 14.7 percent in that percentage.

On a personal note I can say that my French property tax has increased 8.5 percent this year over last year.

What can you do?
Make sure that when you interested in a French property to purchase you have a copy of the most recent Taxe foncière (French property tax) so you know exactly what it is. Do not believe an approximation from the owner or the real estate agent. If the owner does not have a copy they can immediately request a copy from the local tax office.

How can this help?
It does not control the increase in the amount of the taxes but it is important for you to know the current amount so you can budget for future increases.

Warning: Just because one house on a street has a property tax of X amount and your property is similar do not assume your tax will be the same. Get a copy of the original before you sign anything.

Important: When you get a copy of the property taxes also get a copy of the residence tax, the taxe d’habitation. Do not accept the excuse that it is different for each owner. There is always a base amount and then an owner may have deductions due to age etc. You need to know this base amount of the taxe d’habitation.

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