New Rule for French Property Landlords

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French real estate owners renting their property have a new document they must give as notice to renters when they wish to give notice to tenants to leave.

According to an article in French in Explorimmo here from 1 January 2018, the French property landlord must attach a special information notice to his tenant, if the landlord decides to take back the dwelling to live there or to house a relative or even if he wants to sell the residence.

This new document must indicate the identity and address of the beneficiary of the recovery and specify the relationship between them. As for requesting the tenant to leave so the residence can be sold, this notice at this moment in time can only be issued at the end of the first renewal of the current lease.

Remember French real estate rules change make sure you are up to date by speaking with a professional. These articles are for information purposes and the value changes over time.