In a French real estate advertisement what does ‘Non renseigné’ mean?

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Did you wonder what it means when you read ‘Non renseigné’ in a French real estate advertisement?

In a French real estate advertisement you may see the phrase ‘Non renseigné’ in the section for ‘Classe énergie’ and wonder what that means.

For clarity ‘Classe énergie’ is referring to the energy efficiency of the home at this time ranked by both a number and a letter.

‘Non renseigné’ from French to English can mean not specified which in this case will be obvious since the energy efficiency is not specified but in fact we believe the French property owner or agent means to say the energy efficiency is ‘not known’.

However, we understand that in France you are not supposed to advertise a French house or apartment for sale without the efficiency rating so when you contact the agent or owner you have the right to ask the energy efficiency rating of the home. It is an important rating since it relates to how much electricity and other fuels the home will use which can change the long term cost of the home.

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