French property: Top Six Must Know Facts when Buying Part Two


This is the second part of a two part selection of tips.

Note: When you want to buy French real estate there are a number of items that you need to know. To help the French property buyers we have developed a 110 Tip Buyers Guide details are here.

Below are more suggestions as part of our current Top Six MUST know list

Budget for Purchase Costs
Make sure you know what the upfront costs will be BEFORE you are signing at the notaries office.

Remember Information Access
Access to real estate information in France is not the same as in many countries so you will need to have a top quality agent assisting you.

French real estate terminology can have you all mixed up. Make sure you have taken the time to search terms you see in real estate advertisements on our site to find the meaning in context. We have over 800 articles. If you don’t find an answer conact us we can help.

Check out samples of the 110 Tips in our Buyer’s guide here. Yes 110 Tips!