French property: Top Six Must Know Facts when Buying Part One


When you want to buy French real estate there are a number of items that you need to know. To help the French property buyers we have developed a 110 Tip Buyers Guide details are here.

Below are more suggestions as part of our current Top Six MUST know list

You must know exactly where you want to buy French real estate. You must know what it is like at different times of year. If not, you may buy in a place you may end up not liking at all.

Cost of Ownership
Before you buy French real estate you need to know all the associated costs of ownership that varies from place to place and between types of French properties
More details on ownership costs here

Getting the Best Price
Make sure you have your finances in place before you go shopping so you can negotiate your best deal.

English speaking French mortgage brokers

Tips Four to Six in next article!

Check out samples of the 110 Tips in our Buyer’s guide here. Yes 110 Tips!