Four tips on How to make your French property renovation go smoothly


When you have purchased your French real estate and you want to do a renovation there are four questions you need to ask yourself to help the French property renovation go smoothly.

Will you be renting your French real estate?
If you are renovating the property for you to live in you can apply your own personal taste, however, if the property will be rented out you need to consider the latest most desirable features in your renovation so you can maximize your rental return. At the moment Italian walk in showers are in vogue, in addition you may like washing dishes by hand, however, many renters will like a dishwasher so you will need to install one. Get advice from a local rental agent, if you wish.

Have you planned your budget and checked out all the costs?
Many people make a mistake in deciding they want to renovate their French real estate without making an exact budget for the work to be done. You need to consider the cost of the work and the cost of the materials. Price both these out before you start your renovation and make sure you have a financial buffer for any unexpected surprises. Starting a renovation without a clear idea of budget and cost can become a financial nightmare. Take your time.

Did you plan the time for the renovation?
If you do not live in France and you want to be present for the renovation you will need to plan a vacation to coincide with the work. If not, you will perhaps have to have a France based friend keep an eye on the work for you.
Also, note if you plan on vacationing in the property soon or renting it out make sure you also leave a buffer of extra time in case the work is not done on time.

Do you know exactly who will do the work?
Perhaps you just got a sense of pricing for labor and a sense of pricing for materials without finding a particular contractor. You actually need to make sure you know exactly who will do the work to confirm the exact cost and get this cost in writing. You will also want to check the contractors references completely. Then once you make an agreement with the contractor you will also need to specify to the contractor exactly what materials you want them to use so the cost does not change.

If you need assistance finding a builder or designer to help you in English with your French property renovation we can assist you. Simply go to our Extra Services page and visit the appropriate service provider or contact us here.