Five Tips from a Happy French Real Estate Buyer

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When you enter into a French real estate buying process you need to be well prepared.

As you know we are here to help you learn French real estate information and connect with French real estate service providers to help you make your purchasing process a successful and happy experience.

Here is an example of how one person, actually a couple, planned for a successful and happy French real estate purchase. These are 5 tips they recommended all buyers use.

At this moment in time the best path to getting approved for a French property loan is to have a CDI. This is a type of French employment contact that banks prefer buyer’s to have. Read an explanation here, if one of the buyer’s or the buyer does not have a CDI getting approved for a French mortgage is difficult.

Bank Approval
When you want to buy French real estate the first step is, as we shared in our guide, is to get yourself approved by a French bank. Of course, this is if you are not buying all cash. You need a simulation of finance ( explained in this article ) to know what is your comfortable buying price range. These buyers got the documents the bank needed to create a simulation de finance so they learned the maximum purchase price they could go to with the deposit they had on hand.

Budget Planning
Once the buyers had their bank approval they decided that they wanted to buy a property that gave them no more expenses than what they currently had while renting. After assessing their renting expenses they knew they could handle the same amount each month so the goal was to buy a home that cost them no more on a monthly basis than they currently paid for renting.

Lifestyle Choices
This couple took the time to decide what is important in terms of their lifestyle that they wanted to continue in the area they would buy in. They reviewed their lifestyle, what they enjoyed and noted the features their new home needed to have. Note: Our French property buyer’s guide comes with convenient checklists to help you make sure you focus on what is right for you in a French property purchase.

Property Value
The French property buyers also knew that if they could buy a property that needed work but was liveable right away over time they could build equity into the home, therefore, they intentionally looked for a property that fitted these criteria.

The buyers using these tips plus more they know and had a successful purchase and are happy in their new French home.

P.S. The buyers are myself and my lovely lady so you know the story is real. 

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