Angoulême and Clermont-Ferrand Two of the most attractive cities in France

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Would you believe that Angoulême and Clermont-Ferrand are two of the most attractive cities in France?

French real estate hot spots: a new barometer ranks French cities according to their dynamism and attractiveness has just been published (here are details in French)

According to the report on the survey, there is a surprise in the ranking of Clermont-Ferrand and Angoulême alongside Lyon and Nantes.

According to the survey in the classification of very large metropols, Lyon holds the position of the most attractive particularly due to it ability to welcome and support new businesses through the development of new business districts.

Also as a major metropole Nantes is ranked high due to strong economic growth. Nantes is ranked first in the survey ahead of Montpellier and Grenoble.

Clermont-Ferrand was classed in the survey as the most attractive intermediate metropol, ahead of Brest and Tours.

Angoulême is also highly ranked for its attractiveness as a smaller metropol, it strengths are is quality of life and diversified cultural offerings.

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