8 Signs French Real Estate is Negotiable on Price


8 Signs French Real Estate is Negotiable on Price

When you are buying French real estate you can often negotiate on the price when you find one of the following exist:

French real estate: Length of time on the market
If French real estate is priced correctly it will often sell quickly so if the French real estate is still for sale after 3 months, the price must be too high so start negotiating.

French real estate: Overpriced compared to similar properties
If French real estate you are visiting is overpriced compared to other French properties show the owner the similar properties at lower prices and start negotiating.

French real estate: Located in a noisy area (like close to an airport)
A French property that is located in a noisy area will be less desirable so if you can handle the noise start negotiating on price. Remember buying a property in a noisy area will be challenging to sell in the future.

French real estate: Undesirable features
If you view an apartment that in on the ground floor and not very well lit you most likely can negotiate on the price. If the apartment is on a high floor and there is no elevator you can start to negotiate on the price.

French real estate: Poor floor
If you find French real estate that generally speaking has a poor floor plan like steps up and down into a room or bedrooms with access through another bedroom etc you can work on negotiating on the price since most people will consider these features undesirable.

French real estate: Overlooked
If your French real estate has little privacy due to the view from other properties looking into your property you can work on negotiating on price since an overlooked property is often not desirable.

French real estate: Need of renovation
If the French property real needs to be renovated you can see if you can negotiate on price. Make sure you have details on the cost of the work to be done so you can justify your reasons to beat the price down.

French real estate: Energy inefficient
If the French property is not properly insulated and needs work to make it more energy efficient you can most likely negotiate on price.

With all these items noted to achieve your goal of lowering the price via negotiation it is important an important fact you must know how to negotiate. This is an important part of the work of an English speaking French real estate agent. You pay a fee to an agent because they can, for example, negotiate a purchase price you desire.

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