2024 Olympics in Paris and the Paris Real Estate Market

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You most likely have heard that Paris France will be the host of the 2024 Olympics and wonder what could this mean to your French real estate investments or future investments.

We know a number of excellent English speaking French real estate agents who work everyday in the Paris real estate market and they could help you if you want to make an investment in the Parisian market. Make sure you have a local professional who is studying the market all the time.

One thing that is likely is that the amount of people that are exposed to the beauty of Paris will go up as does always happen with major global events. Expo 86 in 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada changed the real estate market eventhough people already knew Vancouver was a great place to live. Imagine what could happen to an extremely desirable and already well known city, Paris, when more and more people come to visit and desire to live their long term or visit more frequently.

Paris local services have already started to get ready over the last few years with more low pollution services such as electric cars and scooters to make living in and visiting the city even more desirable. More exciting things will happen.

Remember real estate is a long term investment plan early so contact an agent now rather than in 2020 to find out what is a good opportunity for you.

Remember you will also need a local agent to help you assess if renting will be possible and how it will be possible due to current renting restrictions in Paris.

If you wish to connect with an English speaking French real estate agent in your area of choice we can help you connect at no charge for our assistance. Contact us here

Here are details of the 2024 Paris Olympic Bid via Wikipedia

Here is the official Paris Olympic site in English