Why do Foreign Billionaires invest in France? Ask Prince Abdullah al-Thani

French real estate is not selling very quickly right now even in the sought after areas like the French Riviera and Paris. This is what we hear all the time in the media. (Read about French Property Price Changes)

However, yesterday evening on the TV station M6 show Capital presented an investigative inquiry on French real estate . One feature of the inquiry was Prince Abdullah al-Thani, one of the richest men on the planet who purchased in 2007 the hotel Lambert in Paris for 60 million Euros. This historical hotel is undergoing an 80 million euro restoration.

Below is a video of the fire that happened in the Hotel Lambert in 2013.

When asked why Prince Abdullah al-Thani is investing his personal wealth in France including a new purchase of another historical building and large area of land in Normandy, he stated (we paraphrase) “The prices are very good right now in France, the market is down so it is an ideal time to invest”

Apparently in recent times, according to CAPITAL, Qatar Investment Authority has invested approximately 15 billion euros in French real estate.

It is interesting how foreigners with large amounts of money see great opportunity in France right now, however, locals and some foreigners are hesitating waiting for a market with already low negotiable prices and low interest rates to decend more.

The best strategy appears to be to enter the market right now and find what you want and negotiate smartly with the assistance of a professional negotiator before all the buyers who are waiting join back in and prices become no longer negotiable.

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