What is the proces verbal de l’Assemblee Generale in French real estate?

French co-properties owners have an annual general meeting to discuss important matters relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the co-property. This annual meeting is called the Assemblee Generale.

During the meeting notes are made by an assigned person. These notes concern all the discussions and decisions that take place at this important event.

The written document that stats all the details of the event is called  Proces Verbal de l’Assemblee Generale.

Once you receive a copy of this it is important for you to read it and make sure you understand the results of the annual meeting.

If you need assistance understanding this document that is written typically in French you can ask for the manager of the co-property to provide you with an English translation which is sometimes possible.If this is not possible you can contact us to help put you in contact with an English speaking French real estate agent. Just contact us here.