What is a mandat exclusif exclusive de vente in relation to a French property Sale?

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An exclusive mandate used in French real estate marketing also known as a ‘mandat exclusif de vente’ is a legal document that gives a French real estate agency the sole right to market the property on behalf of the owner. No other agency can market the property at the same time without this agents consent or without the contract expiring or being cancelled by the parties to the contract.

Note: we are not French lawyers or notaries so we recommend you seek direct legal advice before you sign an agreement with a real estate agency. You need to make sure you fully understand what you are signing. The details are important and we cannot explain them here.

To learn the important differences between a ‘mandat exclusif de vente’ and a ‘mandat simple’ also called a ‘mandat de vente sans exclusivite’ please contact us to put you in contact with an English speaking French real estate agent.