What are the five most important criteria to sell a French property?

The most important criteria to sell a property in France are as follows:


The location of the French Property
Very few people want to buy a property in a French quarter or neighbourhood that has a poor reputation. Also not many people want to invest by the Autoroute or close to an industrial area.

As it is the world over the 3 most important words in real estate are location, location, location. In fact, in certain French towns you can walk 100 meters and the value can increase by 50 percent. Always remember this when you are buying because someday you may have to sell.


The condition of the French Property
At the current time the French real estate market is not very active but even if the market was moving fast buyers always look at the condition of the property.

French property buyers tend to overestimate the cost of repairs and underestimate the cost of the work you did. Overall, they want a property they can move into without too much work, from the experience of the real estate agents few clients want to do fix up a property.

It is best to have any needed repairs done before your place your property on the market.


The presentation of the French Property
You may have a nice property in a nice location but if the property is untidy for whatever reason, is busy with children or animals during visits, it is less easy to capture the positive attention of a potential buyer and they will focus on other properties available on the market.

If you need assistance from a professional on how to prepare your property for visiting by buyers to maximize the offers you receive please contact us for assistance.


The price of the French Property
You may have a beautiful property in excellent condition, in an excellent location but if the price is not the market value of the property it is almost impossible to sell. It appears gone are the days of the uneducated buyer who will pay anything to buy a property in France. All smart buyers count their money like you and I and they do their pricing research.

In fact, you need the power of a professional negotiator working for you to maximize your sale price since buyers will work on bringing your price down even if it is already priced well.

But if the price does not match the market value they will not even consider visiting the property unless they are not serious buyers and just want to look at how other people decorate their homes.

Make sure you have professional advice on the pricing of your property and ask the professional to show you how they arrived at the sale price estimate they are sharing with you.

The key is not to look at the prices of what properties are on the market at. The key is to compare your property to the prices of properties that have sold and adjust for the value of features of your property.


The marketing of your French Property
Once you have your wonderful French property all prepared for visits and at the correct market price with a margin of negotiation for the buyer you need professional marketing.

Magazines and newspapers are now one of the least effective ways of marketing. 80 percent or more of buyers start searching online for their French property.

Of course, just having your property online is not enough. You will want to have your property marketed online and truly ‘findable’ by buyers. If your property does not show up on the first page of results on search engines when you search for property in your area you will rarely find a buyer.

To help make sure buyers find your property you need to have real estate agents who are not only working with active clients but who also have access to other agents with buyers. This radically increases the chances of you finding multiple buyers and multiple buyers can help you get the best price possible for your French property.


The good news is that you can still speak to a English speaking bilingual French real estate agent and get a professional market evaluation on the value of your property before you make any decisions. This evaluation is at no charge. Contact us today to put you in contact with a local English speaking french real estate agent in your area.  Our contact info.