Video: Richard Roger’s solution to the High Cost of Housing. Could this happen in France?

French real estate in popular areas like Paris, Nice and Cannes to name a few is seen as expensive by many but real estate in London England can be even more expensive than the hottest place in France.

In London England, The YMCA has partnered together with Richard Rogers to bring forth the concept of Flat pack housing to help house homeless people. Is this the solution to the abundant need for housing in cities in populated parts of Europe?

When people want to live close to the cities or in the cities and prices are very high, maybe we will get more of what is in the video below. Do you think this will happen in France?

Only the future will show us. Yesterday, we published the article on Which French Real Estate is most Popular among the French.

Yesterday’s article offers a solution very different from what is proposed in this video. Check it the video then yesterdays article.