Tour Odeon Monaco What is the price of the apartments in Tour Odeon Odeon Tower?

tour tower odeon monaco

Actual View of Tour Odeon Building in Monaco from Beausoleil, France

Tour Odeon located in Monaco on the French Riviera is scheduled to be first occupied by new owners in approximately April 2015.

According to an article in Nice Matin and confirmed by a visit of an English speaking French real estate agent we are in contact with the apartments are priced between 70000 Euros to 80000 Euros per square meter of space purchased.

The Tour Odeon developers do not offer an exact sale price per unit due to the fact that it depends on the floor the apartment is located and the level of finishing requested by the buyer. Many buyers may ask for changes that will adjust the final price of their Tour Odeon apartment.

The English speaking agents we know can offer you photographs of what it is like in the building and the neighborhood around the Tour Odeon. The agents have been asked not to post on line the photos but they can arrange for them to be sent to you by email when you contact them.

If you would like to speak on the phone to an English speaking agent to find out more about Tour Odeon.  contact us here.

odeon tower monaco

su Tour Odeon View from 22nd Floor Show Suite

A few notes on the building:

* The Tour Odeon is 170 meter high and offers outstanding views towards Italy and over Monaco plus view toward the hills behind Monaco.

* Approximately 82 private apartments are for sale in the Tour Odeon with what amounts to five star luxury hotel service available.

* There is now a show suite available to visit so you can see the quality of finishing, one agent tells us the size of the living room in the 427 square meter show suite really gives you the impression you are in a large house not 22 floors up in an apartment building.

* Windows are floor to ceiling in the apartments to take in the amazing views whether you are inside your apartment or outside on the terraces.

* The Tour Odeon is in fact two towers attached that are designed to look like two petals of a flower or the wings of a butterfly when viewed from above, very tasteful

* The finishing is exceptional we have been told there are ten layers of paint on the inner apartment walls that give you the impression you are looking at white stone.

ON SITE: If you would like to speak to an English speaking French real estate agent just contact us here. We can arrange a complementary phone call and obtain for you more up to date information.

MORE PHOTOS: The developer has asked agents to not post lots of details of the property to help preserve it’s exclusivity. Once we are in contact an English speaking agent we know can share directly with you more details on this exclusive residence including exceptional photos. Contact us here today.