The Ultimate Client Creator and Keeper MY BOS


The Ultimate Client Creator and Keeper MY BOS

The cookie was just to get your attention : )

When you are a service business and you go to meet clients you need to have a way to create rapport with the clients in consistent and powerful way.

Your book of services does this.

I have used this approach since 1991 and yes it is effective.

Your book of services can be in a physical format like a document binder or it can be on a computer depending on your style or it can be a combination of both.

The book of services shows your client what you offer, how you will offer the services and how you will communicate with the client during this process.

Why the book of services ( I call it my B.O.S.) is powerful is because of the following.

When people see how well organized you are and that you can show them your strategic plan they are going to see you as a professional. If you just met with a new client and tell them about your work they feel it is just your opinion. Your BOS shows them details which tell them you know what you are talking about.

Connect with people the way they are
Your BOS helps appeal to people who have different ways of learning about your services. Remember some people are visual, some are more auditory and others need to hold the book and turn the page. They are the kinaesthetic people. By using a BOS you can be visual, auditory and kinaesthetic all at once and connect with people the way they want to learn about your work.

Keeps You Less Stressed
When you have a certain approach to marketing your services to new clients you can repeat this process during each event which allows you to feel more confident and less stressed during a meeting or presentation of services.

Keeps the Meeting Organized
When you have a BOS (digital or physical) you can guide the meeting towards a mutually beneficial goal. If you are not organized you may miss out on sharing items that are important to the client.

Helps Answer Questions
When you have your BOS properly prepared you will be able to answer many of your client’s objections before they happen. A well organized and well presented BOS answers most questions.

Allows you to Focus on the Client
Once you have your BOS organized you know what you are going to share, you can make sure you did not forget to share something and you have the time to personalize the meeting to match each client since you already know the core of what you need to share. In general each client meeting will be similar and the BOS helps you organize this. You then customize to match the client situation.

BOS branding
Whether done digitally or physically the BOS enables you to brand your service either through repetition of an idea or logo so the client is very familiar with how you work once the presentation is over.

Extra Touches
You can prepare access to your BOS before a meeting via a introduction in a digital file that can also be used by your contact to share with other friends who may be interested in your services.

If you want to learn what needs to go inside your BOS so that you create the right impact please contact us. We can help you create one. It will help you create more long term clients.