Susans French Oasis a French real estate dream


French real estate can lead to all kinds of wonderful experiences.

About two weeks ago we decided to create an Instagram account as a way of sharing all the beautiful pictures we have of French real estate.

As a result of one posting on Instagram I came in contact with Susan the owner of a blog about her life in France very nicely name Our French Oasis as it is just that for her family.

Curious to learn more about how Susan, her husband, their five children, two dogs, two cats and approximately 10 chickens (!) live their life in France I gave her a phone call.


We had a wonderful conversation and I highly recommend you check out her blog to learn more about what it is like to live in the Charente Maritime department of France.

Susan’s blog is Our French Oasis

A good starting point is this page on her site about her and her family.

These 3 photos are all courtesy of Susan. She has lots more fun and interesting photos on her site.

Bon voyage!