Run To French Cities and Buy Real Estate Now It is the Time

According to the French Credit Broker EMPRUNTIS it is time to run to the French cities and invest in French property.

Why now? Because the prices have already gone down and if you wait for the prices of French properties to go down more in the long run, according to EMPRUNTIS the property will cost you more.

Why? Because according to EMPRUNTIS the price of credit is going up and the increasing cost of credit needs a very large reduction in price to offset the difference.

For example if the interest rates for French mortgages go up 0.5 percent to offset this difference you will need a property price to go down another four percent.

Be wise. Get in contact with an English speaking French mortgage broker to help you maximize the current market opportunities. We can help you find an English speaking French mortgage broker or English speaking French real estate agent at no cost for our searching assistance. Contact us here.

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