Reminder: All French Residences must have smoke detectors as of March 9 2015

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According to a new French law that came into place on 5 February 2013 all French residences must be equipped with smoke detectors by Monday March 9th 2015.

According to data from the French Ministry of Housing, a fire breaks out in a French residences every two minutes, causing about 800 deaths per year. 80% of these deaths are due to intoxication by smoke from a fire.

For security reasons it is advisable to install several smoke detectors in a home, preferably in bedrooms, hallway and living room.

The detector you choose must correspond to the minimum criteria outlined in the law here.

We recommend you check with your insurance company and local builders suppliers store to find the right one to buy so your home insurance is valid.

Details on the Law relating to Smoke Detectors is here in French. 

Be Safe, be Well