Luxury French Real Estate Great Deals BIG sales price drop

In a recent interview on Club Immo, a French real estate information program hosted by Le FigaroAlexander Kraft, president of the French real estate division of Sotherby’s International Realty France and Monaco announced some important information for buyers and sellers.

He stated that after a long wait many sellers are ready to sell but the sale prices after negotiation sometimes have been very significant.


Sold a castle in Bretagne on the market 4 years sold for 3 million euros 50 percent lower than the initial price

Sold a villa Lac du Bourget for 1.1 million euros 30 percent lower than initial price

Sold a Chalet in Chamonix for 4 million euros 10 percent lower than initial price

Sold a villa in Corsica for 2.5 million euros 20 percent lower than initial price

Sold a villa close to Biarritz for 1.69 million euros 10 percent lower than initial price. 

Important: these sale prices were not reflected in the prices in advertisements but are realized during the negotiation according to Mr. Kraft.

So clearly you need a good negotiator to find you the special deals and secure yourself a dream French real estate purchase.

Mr Kraft said this dropping of prices is not isolated but experienced all around France. His agency at this time has approximately 4000 properties for sale when normally they have approximately 2000. This still indicates a lot of extra properties on the market and sellers in the need of selling are getting more motivated.

Read the original article here in French or watch the video in French here

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