Lead Pipes in French Real Estate New European Directive

French property owners are impacted by a new European Union directive that becomes effective on December 25 2013, according to a new article in Le Figaro. The directive is for a reduction in the lead content in tape water. The lead content is a direct result of the lead pipes still in use in French properties.

Generally, lead piping can be present in French properties built before 1950. Check if you are not sure.

According to a report of the General Council for the Environment about 7.5 million French properties (about 22 percent of French real estate) still have lead piping, perhaps as much as 838000 properties in Paris alone.

Most people have not made the change to their property because of the expensive nature of the change of piping.

As part of the sale of a property in France there is a diagnostic report for lead (plomb in French). Make sure you are familiar with this report that shows the condition of the French property you are selling and that you are familiar with all the reports required for the sale of a property. As a buyer the reports are invaluable to review.
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