Know the 2 Ms of French Property Ownership

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When you own French real estate there are a number of actions you need to take to protect the value of your French property investment.

Here are two. Let us call them the 2 M’s of French Property Ownership

Maintenance is like preventive medicine. If you change the filter in the furnace you can help prevent toxic air, if you check the roof for potential damage after a wind storm you can prevent a major roof leak, if you repair leaking taps you can prevent a potential flood when you are away from home.

Tip: Make a schedule of twice yearly or annual maintenance work to make sure all is working as it should in your home.

Make Changes
If you have a older French property they are perhaps many ways you can save on your energy costs, water costs and electricity costs by investing in modern equipment. Make sure you have an annual budget to allow for you to make these upgrades that in the long term can save you money.

Tip: Make a habit to plan ahead your French property renovations and keep track of special government sponsored tax credits and support that can help reduce the cost of your renovation.

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