How to Start to Create an Energy Efficient French Home

French Entrance Door

Does the beautiful old French residence you own or want to own contain energy leaks?

To reduce your French property energy bill you need to insulate your piece of French real estate, however, when you are working to insulate a property it is difficult to tell if you are insulating the right parts.

There is a solution: the new less expensive thermal cameras.

Small thermal cameras record infrared radiation and convert it to a visible image so you can see where the energy is leaking from your real estate.

Note: some cameras only work on small areas to diagnose where the energy is leaking around a window. Other more powerful yet hand held versions allow you to view the whole side of a house and see where the house is poorly insulated.

If you are about to renovate a French property or considering buying a French property that needs insulation you may wish to rent or buy a thermal camera so you insulate the weakest parts of the real estate first.

Here are some samples of Thermal Cameras, remember to do your own research before buying.


Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector (Amazon UK)

Black & Decker TLD100-XJ Thermal Leak Detector (Amazon Fr)

FLIR ONE Thermal Imager for iPhone (Amazon)

Extech i5 Thermal Imaging Camera (Amazon)