How to Prepare Your French Property for Sale

Belvedere France

Many owners of French real estate are reluctant to do any work on their property before they put their French property for sale.

In fact, we have read that as little as 1 percent of French real estate owners invest money in a property before marketing the property. In addition, the 1 percent is typically investors who understand values.

Here are 3 important things to consider.

Invest with the greatest impact
Repair water leaks, insulation leaks, broken door, window and closet handles. In addition, faulty or broken electrical outlets need to be replaced.

Tidy Up the Property
It may be appropriate to add some paint or plants to enhance your real estate and it is definitely important to tidy up the property. Find 50 specific tips in this 64 page guidebook.

Make some Renovation
Sometimes it can be wise to do some renovation of a property but there is no guarantee the work you do will be liked by a future potential buyer. Get professional advice about your home before you invest in changes that might involve a lot of work. You want to make sure your investment has a positive return.

If you are planning to sell soon get yourself a copy of our guide book 50 Tips on How to Sell your French Property for the Best Price. 

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