How much is the droit de mutation on French real estate?

The droit de mutation is essentially a French property transfer tax. The amount of the tax depends on the purchase price of the French real estate you are buying since the tax is a percentage of the sale price.

If you read French there is a comprehensive graph in this article that helps explain the current percentage ‘droit de mutation’ in France. It also indicates the potential increase of this tax that will take place sometime in the early part of 2014.

So if you plan on buying French real estate it is important you speak to an English speaking French notary to determine the impact on the cost of your purchase.

To find out the exact amount of this tax and how it can impact you we can put you in contact with an English speaking French notary who can answer your question. Contact us here.

If you would like to invest before the increase takes place and you would like assistance from an English speaking French real estate agent contact us and we can help you find an agent in your area of interest at no charge to you for our assistance. Contact us here.