How do you qualify to be a real estate agent in France?

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Here is a general overview of how real estate is set up in France and an introduction to guidelines for how you can become a real estate agent in France. Note: rules changes so to be up to date you need to confirm all this information with a French real estate licencing office.


An ‘Agent Immobilier’ or a French real estate agent is governed by a French law called ‘Loi Hoguet’ and new rules in a French law called ‘Loi Alur’. There are additional new laws pending. Check with a French real estate licencing office.


The laws are designed to protect people buying real estate in France from low standards of competence and ethics. Each agent immobilier / real estate agent must have a license called a ‘carte professionnelle’ .

Note: New rules have just came into place this year 2015 that are adding increased standards for professional competency and integrity for French real estate agents. This is excellent news as it will raise respect for the French real estate professional. Here is an overview of the changes written in French.


A real estate agent is required to have a copy of their ‘carte professionnelle’ available while at work. You can ask a real estate agent to show you his / her ‘carte professionnelle’ any time as proof  he / she is licensed. This will help you avoid accidentally working with an unlicensed person for the reasons noted in number four below.

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The license is only issued to someone who can provide evidence of their professional competence through educational training such as a French law degree or practical long term experience in the field of real estate.

The person must also have professional indemnity insurance coverage and a financial guarantee and be able to prove that he or she is not incapacitated or under a prohibition to practice.


By law, French real estate agents must display at their office in a location where it can be easily read a notice showing the number of their license ‘carte professionelle’ the name of their company and the address of the agency. You should also find these details on marketing materials for the agency, for example on the agency website.

This notice also needs to show the amount of their financial guarantee and the name of the guarantor. Mandats (listing agreements) and other legal documents must also show this information. In addition you can expect a professional agent to have their license number displayed on their business card.


In contrast to the ‘Agent Immobilier’ (real estate agent) that is in charge of a real estate office, the ‘agent commercial’ (salesperson) does not have a ‘carte professinelle’ and instead operates under the license of the agent .

The agent commercial in general do not have to the same educational requirements or experience. New changes are arriving from the new Loi Alur that will require the agent commercial to show they have the ability to work in the real estate profession in France and to engage in formal training. See details in French here.

Note: the agent commercial (sometimes you will see this person using the title ‘négociateur’ or ‘négociatrice’ ) stills needs to carry an ‘attestation’ that is officially registered showing they are operating under the ‘carte professionelle’ of a certain person. You can ask the ‘agent commercial’ to see this ‘attestation’ anytime.


If you want to see if you can qualify to be a French real estate agent then you need to contact the ‘Prefecture’ in the area that you will work in and contact the real estate licensing office inside the Prefecture so you can make an application.

We understand each application is treated as unique since there are various educational backgrounds and job experiences that can enable you to obtain a ‘carte professionelle’. (justifier d’une aptitude professionnelle (diplôme et/ou solide expérience sur le terrain).

If you want to be ‘agent commercial’ then you need to apply to a French real estate agency in your area of choice and ask them if you can join their office. Note: renumeration for an ‘agent commercial’ varies a lot so check different agencies before you decide on the one to join.

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We do recommend that if you actually want to earn money as an ‘agent immobilier’ or ‘agent commercial’ in France you obtain as much professional training as possible, unfortunately, many French real estate agents and agent commercial earn very little money because their knowledge and experience may be limited. Enhance your ability to succeed by know the industry up from from an experienced English speaking French real estate agent. Details here.


Real estate in France like in many countries is a profession that can be a wonderful lifestyle too. One of the wisest decisions you can make is speak to an experienced English speaking French real estate agent and find out more about how the French real estate market works and what it is like to work in everyday.

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Good new working as a real estate agent in France actually got harder! It is good news because the new rules from the Loi Alur are requiring real estate agents in France to be held to a higher standard in their action including for example disclosure that they are interesting in buying a property that they are evaluating for a client. The rules will help improve the quality of real estate agents in the eyes of the French public, we hope.

Avoid guessing and taking to inexperienced people. Be prepared before you contact a French agency. If you want to find out more about how to get involved in the French real estate industry and what is is like to work as a French real estate agent go here.