French Real Estate New Infographic: National difference List and Sale Prices

Nationally the French real estate prices have dropped, according to a new survey done by Orpi, Le Figaro and Explorimmo. Original here in French

The National difference between list price and sale price is

Minus 4.74 percent

For a Studio (Apartment without a separate bedroom)
Minus 4.48 percent on average


For an one bedroom apartment
Minus 4.32 percent on average


For a two bedroom apartment
Minus 4.38 percent on average


For a three bedroom apartment
Minus 4.47 percent on average


For a four bedroom or larger apartment
Minus 5.15 percent on average

** prices are base on a survey of information between February 2014 and February 2015.

If you need the details explained more including the details in French in the linked article we can help you contact an English speaking French real estate in your area of choice. We do this at no charge to you. Contact us here.