French Real Estate loi Numerique Real Property Values

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French real estate information is / maybe going to change and it will be extremely valuable for all French property buyers and sellers.

The new loi numerique working its way thru the legislative path in France, if approved, has a section that (if approved) will allow for the transparency of data related to the sale of property prices in France.

If approved by the National Assembly, the French financial branch could open its doors and disclose its details on property values. This would mean it will be possible to know the selling price of all dwellings in France.

This would be an amazing change for buyers so they could find out details on the actual sale prices of French homes similar to the one they are thinking of buying and sellers will know better the real potential value of their home in the market place.

This sort of access to sales data already exists a very long time in countries like Canada, the USA and Australia and will be most welcomed in France.

The real question will be ‘Will this part of the loi numerique actually be accepted and if so, what will be the rules applying to disclosure?’

In the meantime, connect with an English speaking French real estate agent who is a specialist in your area of choice to help you get an understanding on the market values to help you in your real estate decision making process. Contact us to help you connect with an agent here. Our assistance is currently at no charge to you.