French Real Estate: How to Speed up the Sale of your Home

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French real estate in one way is like all real estate around the world. Some French real estate sells faster than other French real estate.

Here are five tips to help you sell your French real estate quicker:

Think of You
Think of when you bought your French property and why. This will help you understand what can attract a buyer to your home.

Dress your home to Sell
Make sure you hire a professional stager to make your home shine and attract buyers.

Make your Home Modern
Make sure your home features items that are in the taste of the times. Out of date colors in bathrooms and kitchens turn off buyers.

Change your Home
Perhaps the people looking at your home may not have the same lifestyle as you. Maybe you have 4 bedrooms but the typical buyer in your area needs 3 bedrooms plus a home office. You could change one of your bedrooms to look like an office.

Market the Lifestyle not the Style of the home
Buyers are looking for a lifestyle. They want to know the living room is ideal for entertaining not just that it is a big area.

Professional real estate agents and their networks can help you in all these steps. Contact us to find the English speaking French professionals to help you. Contact us here.


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