French Real Estate Airbnb and the New Digital Law Loi Numerique

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French real estate has been changed recently by the loi Alur, the loi Macron and coming soon with just a final approval needed the Loi Numérique will impact French real estate owners and buyers.

French real estate will be impacted in several ways.

Here are two examples:

French Real Estate Seasonal Renters Registration
Owners of French real estate who use online platforms like Airbnb will be impacted.

The new loi once in place will according to an article in explorimmo allow cities with a population of more than 200,000 after consulting with the local council / city hall, require owners that do seasonal renting to register their property with the local authorities and the local authorities may be able to state how often you can rent per year.

French Real Estate Seasonal Owners Income Disclosure
Additionally platforms such as Airbnb will be required to disclose contact details of owners who have earned over 5000 euros per year via the platform to help the government recover the taxe de séjour.

For more details consult with your local English speaking French real estate tax adviser. If you need help to find one you can contact us to assist you.

Source article in France here