French Property: Five Ways to Enhance the resale value of your French Property

When it comes to enhancing the value of a French property there are a number of things you can do: Here are 5 good ideas to consider to help enhance your French property.

Home Office Space
In France times are changing and more people are working from home or planning on working from home. Create a home office space from a small bedroom to catch the eye of future buyers.

Install a new Shower Room
If you have a large closet in your house there may be a possibility for you to create a new shower room. We say shower room since it appears at this time that Italian style walk in showers are in demand in France.

Renovate the Kitchen
Kitchens are expensive to renovate but once done they can add a lot of value to a French villa or apartment

Update the Windows
Beyond shower rooms, kitchens and home office spaces French property buyers are very conscious of the cost of energy so if you have replaced the windows with modern insulated windows you have created a more desirable property to own.

Take down the Walls
With the proper professional advise you may be able to remove an internal wall in your French villa or apartment that can open up the space to create a more inviting environment.

Done correctly with the right market timing and quality finishing these ideas may help improve the chances of selling your home.

Learn more ways you can improve your French property for increased future sale value by speaking with your local English speaking Bilingual French real estate agent today.

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