French Property Checklist for Buyers MUST CHECK ITEMS

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Every French property buyer needs to be aware of the results of certain tests prior to making a purchase decision.

Below is a short check list. You will need to check with your English speaking French notary and English speaking French real estate agent to confirm if you need to be aware of any other items and if, in fact, at the time you are going to buy that the below items pertain to the type of French property you are buying.

Presence of Lead in the French Property

Presence of Asbestos in the French Property

Condition of the Gas system

Condition of the Electrical system

Presence of Impact of Natural risks such as flooding, earthquakes or fires.

Energy Efficiency of the French Property

Surface Area of the French Property (relates to specific types of property only)

Swimming Pool Security (depends on the swimming pool construction)

Presence of Smoke Alarms

Condition of the Sewage System (depends on the location of the property)

Remember to seek professional advise about all these items to make sure you make the right French property buying decision.

Contact us if you need to find an English speaking French real estate professional. We help you at no charge.