French Apartment Monthly Charges Are getting More Expensive

When you buy an apartment in France, particularly in the bigger towns like Paris you will find that the monthly charges are going up in cost.

According to a new article published in Explorimmo the cost of common central heating, the building caretaker, care of the lifts is going up and French property owners are paying 5 percent more this year (2013) over last year.

The cost of the property manager, building insurance, cleaning of the property are all up.

So when you are going to buy your French property in France it is really important you find a balance of value in the purchase by avoiding a building with high property charges. Unless what you are getting is really a great deal.

To get the best value you need to work with a local full full time English speaking French real estate professional who knows the area you want to invest in.

We can help you find an agent to assist you and we will do this free of charge to you. Just contact us here today.

If you would like to read the original article in French click here.