France Property Real Time Sales Price Index Coming

According to a new article on Property Wire French property buyers, sellers and agents will have access to close to real time property pricing index this September for the residential real estate market in France.

The Prix de l’Immobilier index designed by Michel Mouillart, director of the Housing Credit Observatory intends to use statistics from financial institutions and the French national syndicate for real estate prices to help open a window to understand current real estate pricing in France.

Although the index will be to cover all of France it will not have access to all the pricing details but will improve the access to information that currently lies mostly in the hands of French notaries.

Since the notaries are the ones who register transactions they have access to data that can really help people make informed decisions, however, the unfortunate part of the French Notaries updates is that they are months out of date when they are released. A weekly index will be a lot more helpful to buyers and sellers both locally and internationally based.

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