Four Things to Check before you buy a French property

english speaking French realtor

When you are buying French real estate in particular a French house on land or a piece of land like a vineyard there are a number of items you need to consider. Here are 4 items as a starting point. Get our 110 Tips guide for more suggestions.

You need to know for the purpose of usage and value where exactly are the boundaries of your property? You need to request from the seller’s notary the Plan de Bornage which is a survey of the boundaries of a property.

You need to confirm your access to the property. Is the access actually on your land? Does anyone else have access to your property to get to their property? Consult your notary.

Future planning
You need to consult the local city hall development office to find out if any construction will take place close to your property that will impact your view or even the sunshine that enters into your home.

Is the French property connected to the city drainage system or is it on a septic field? Is there a direct water supply for the home? Is there consistent internet connection?

This is just the beginning of the questions you need to ask. You will be well advised to work with a English speaking French real estate professional to use their experience to help you. We can help you find an agent in your area of choice at no charge to you. Contact us here.

You will also want to get out our e-guide 110 Tips for French real estate property buyers.