Five Reasons Why Your French Property is NOT Selling

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Your French property may not be selling because of the following five reasons:

Use a compass and check the orientation of your property to the Sun. Some people think their property is south facing when in fact it is only partially south facing. Buyers often travel with a compass in hand or on their phone since one reason they buy a French property is for the Sunshine.

Your property may be in a nice location close to, for example, the sea but is it in the best part of the neighbourhood to attract interested buyers? Not every part of every neighbourhood has the same value to buyers. Maybe an appropriate price adjustment needs to be done.

Do your photos of your French property show what it is like at night as well as during the day? Do you offer an aerial view of the property that can show the features one can not see from a visit on the ground?

Is your property impacted by the presence of overhead electrical wires? Power lines by a property or close by impact the value of the property. Maybe an appropriate price adjustment needs to be done.

Visiting Times
If your French property is available only for visits on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings you are restricting access to buyers. The easier it is to visit your property the more potential buyers will visit your property and this can help you maximize your sale price.

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