Does the loi carrez apply to a French Villa?

The certified measurement of French properties created to protect buyers and called loi carrez at the present time does not apply to all French properties.

For example, a villa in a residence (the residence is called a domain or residence in French) is required to be measured to certify its size and the French notary who is dealing with the sale or purchase will require the owners to provide this diagnostic report.

However, a French villa that is located in sometimes called a subdivision or open residential or housing development area (like a lotissment in French) is not covered by the Loi Carrez.

So the owner may simply offer you an estimate of the size of the house which maybe incorrect.

Even though it is not required by law to have the house size legally certified after measurement, you can ask your real estate agent or notary to request the certified measurement be included in the contract of sale of the French property.

Make sure you consult with your French notary to confirm this rule is still current to protect your interests.

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Date of Article June 2013