Change in French Rental Agency Fees Possible 50 percent reduction

French Rental agencies will soon have their commission charged to client based on the size of the rented dwelling instead of the frequent practice of charging approximately one month’s rent as a fee to the renter.

The French Rental Agency fee will cost less if all goes as planned by the French Government this September 2014.

According to an article in Le Figaro the charge will be between 8 to 12 Euros per m2.

In Paris, for example, the fees are said to become 12 euros per m2.

In big towns like Marseille the fees are said to become 10 euros per m2.

And in some areas 8 euros per m2.

At this current time a 70 m2 apartment in Paris renting for 1660 per month would mean you will be charged approximately 1660 euros as the French rental agency fee. Under the new system the fee would be 70 by 12 equals 840 euros, approximately a 50 percent reduction.

This is all part of the new Loi Alur. Read more Loi Alur here.

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