8 Steps to help Sell or Rent a French property

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If you are trying to sell or rent your French property the following ten ideas have proven over and over again to make a significant difference in the likelihood your property will sell or rent in most types of market conditions.

Fresh Neutral Exterior Paint
Why? It shows you care about the look of your French property and makes a great first impression.

Fresh Neutral Interior Paint
Why? It can make inside a property appear brighter and shows you care about the condition of your French property

New Flooring in Main Areas of the Home
Why? Most buyers see flooring as expensive and time consuming to install. For renters it is a refreshing experience to enter into a property where the floor is like new.

Eliminate Wallpaper
Why? Most buyers or renters do not like wall paper. Buyers find it challenging to remove and renters see it as an obstacle to personalization of their new home.

Remove Personal Items on Display
Why? This helps the buyer or renter imagine themselves living in the property, your personal items distract them from feeling at home.

Increase Lighting with Higher Wattage Bulbs
Why? This helps the property appear brighter.

Clean and refinish the Terrace or Balcony
Why? Most French property buyers and renters dream of sitting outside in the sun so make them see your outdoor space as inviting as possible.

Organize the garage and all storage areas
Why? This demonstrates that your property has the needed amount of storage space. Untidy storage can be seen by visitors as there is not enough room to store items.

These may seem like basic ideas yet many French homeowners do not complete the majority of these steps as they prepare their home for market. Most of these tips are simply to improve the appearance of the property.

Learn lots more ideas in this e guide.