12 days of Single Actions to Reduce Negative Climate Change in France DAY TWO



Reduce Heat Loss During the Winter with a Dog

At ESREA France we work to help people find their dream home in France with the assistance of our growing network of English speaking real estate professionals.

In line with the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place as I write in Paris from November 30th to December 11 2015 we have decided to offer 12 daily doses of  actions steps we can all take to reduce negative climate change created by our actions inside our French property.

Please consider taking these actions step and share the ideas with friends.

Today is day two

Reduce Heat Loss During the Winter with a Dog

In French the object that looks like a sausage and is made of material and stuffed with old pieces of cloth and you put it down at the bottom of a door is called a ‘chien de porte’ or ‘boudin de porte’.

Whatever you want to call it if you do not have proper insulation beneath the doors in your French property at this time you can use a ‘chien de porte’ to reduce the loss of heater air to outside. Otherwise you are going to see heat and mean exit through the area that is not air tight.

Ideally, it is better that you take the time to check where there are air leaks in your home on your own or with the help of a professional and seal the leaks.

Remember there are many French homes that are old which gives them a lot of charm, however, it also means that insulation in the French property may not be so good.

The temporary ‘Door Dog : ) ‘ is also inexpensive. Prices for Boudin or “Chien”de porte details on Amazon Fr and here are details on Amazon UK We even found an example on Amazon Com here

Please share this idea with friends and please let us know your ideas.

Come back tomorrow for the next Simple Action Step.