110 Tips on how to get your best deal on French real estate


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French real estate buyer’s Dream: 110 Tips on how to get your best deal on French real estate in our new eGuidebook (digital pdf)

Plus Bonus French real estate checklists at no extra cost

I found the book very informative and will be extremely useful for any first-time buyers in France. It is full of helpful advice and the check-list are such a must have I feel. Sally Eathorne

Buying real estate in France is a complicated process even if you are a French speaking local.

If you are an English speaking person who has never purchased before in France you are most likely going to encounter many challenges that can come between you and getting the right French real estate property to match your needs and budget.

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We have created a solution packed in 72 digital pages.

We are serious

No fluff or padding or blah, blah blah just 72 pages of valuable information with a money back guarantee.

We have studied what people search for and ask us on a regular basis and to help you get your ideal French property we have created a comprehensive 72 page electronic guidebook for French property buyers.

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This French real estate buyers guide includes original content never publish before.

english speaking french real estate agents

What you will learn from this digital guidebook includes:

* 20 tips if you ignore can lead to big mistakes
* How to negotiate in a French real estate purchase
* 10 ways to get a French home for a lower price
* The complete French property visit buyer’s check list
* How to estimate the value of French property

A total of 110 tips and ideas on how to buy French real estate

Plus Bonus French real estate checklists at no extra cost

This electronic guide includes 110 tips and ideas you can use to help you save a lot of time and energy as you seek your dream French property.

We have thousands of visitors coming to ESREA France each month looking for information on French property and now as a French property buyer you can have your own personal copy of our newly published digital guidebook.

The below ‘Brand NEW’ video contains 10 tips – the e-guide offers 110!


About the Author

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David Hennessey has worked in real estate serving clients in France and in Canada. He is the founder of the ESREA France community network designed to help English speaking people find the whole process of buying and selling French real estate as stress free as possible. David who is from a family of successful real estate agents has become a bit obsessed with high quality service and French real estate. Don’t be surprised if you get the founder on the phone when you call ESREA France. David lives with his family in the south of France.

english speaking french real estate agents

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french property buyers guide

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