Your French Real Estate Wish List – How to Find your Dream French Home


When you are shopping for your dream French home you may have a wish list like those below, however, not every French home will offer these to you. We will discuss your options below the list.

Many people seek a nice view, access to a cafe or bakery, a garden, a swimming pool, a large open kitchen, an outdoor sitting area, no renovations and if that is not enough they want all this close to a major airport.

Understandably often the most popular, most people want a view of the sea or the mountains or a garden or pretty homes. You need to decide before you start shopping for French real estate is this the most important for you. Perhaps, being in the center of town is most important for you and the view may not be. Decide before you shop.

Walking Distance to a Cafe, Bakery or Local Newspaper shop
The idea of having a place to walk and pick up the French baguette without having to take the car is ideal for many people just for the joy of the experience the walk each morning. Others will like to sit in front of a cafe and watch the locals go about their business and hopefully make new friends or just read the local paper in a quite moment. If social life is more important to you than your view make sure you remember this when you find the right French property, not all have these features.

A Flower Garden
Perhaps, now in France you wish to spend sunny days in the garden as a way to enjoy nature and keep healthy. This can be one of the most important features to a person so know if this is important to you or could you forget about this and participate in a local community garden.

Swimming Pool
Many people enjoy the sun in France but it can be hot and having your own pool can be really important and a nice change from having to drive to the sea. However, is it really important for you? More important than a local cafe or bakery or garden? Remember all the maintenance work with a pool. If it is important do not compromise during your search.

Large Kitchen and Dining Area
Many French homes do not traditionally have a large kitchen and dining area combined. Instead, they are separate areas in the home. So if you want a large dining area to entertain make sure you find a home that offers you this option or at least the option to create this space.

Outdoor Sitting Area
One of the great pleasures I have in our French home is plenty of areas around the home to sit outside. It is an important feature so make sure you have this if you like to spend time with friends outside or time alone.

No Renovation
Many people seeking a French home have no idea of the time and effort it goes into renovating a home and the charm can wear off really quickly as an one day renovation turns into weeks due to something you discover during the initial project. Make sure you have the time and the money to renovate if that is what you desire, if not, perhaps the most important feature of your new French property will be a renovation-free home!

Easy Access to a Major Airport
If you have family who live outside of France it can be an important feature for you to be close to an airport. It can also be an important feature to protect the value of your French property in case you ever wish to sell. Access is always important.

Help yourself make better decisions as you plan on buying your French property by making use of the checklists included with our 110 tips French property buyer’s guide. Details here.