Why to Buy French property during the Christmas Season Advantages and Disadvantages

Looking to buy French real estate at Christmas time can be to your advantage based on the following reasons:


French Tax Reasons

Some home owners want to sell their real estate in France before the end of the year for tax reasons. This could give you an advantage in the area of negotiating a nice deal

Serious Property Sellers

A French property owner who is on the market at Christmas time is a serious seller who will be more likely to listen to your offer and be more willing to make a deal even if they do not have to sell for tax reasons, perhaps they have already made a purchase and they want to sell now.

Less French Buyers

At this time of year you will be competing with less buyers since most buyers will be busy entertaining friends and family. This means you are more likely to be first to get to see a good deal when it arrives on the French property market.


French Financing Approval

Getting Financing in France takes time and during the holiday season it will most likely take longer or in fact be impossible. If you can buy without financing you will indeed be in a better position to make the best deal possible when a seller wants a deal done as soon as possible.

Signing of the Deed of Sale

Just like finding financing around Christmas time in France finding a notary available during the holiday season could be difficult. So if you plan on buying during Christmas time make sure you have connected with an English speaking French notary a head of time to make sure they are available to make the contract.

If you know the area in France you wish to investigate for investing contact us and we can put you in contact with an English speaking French real estate agent.

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