Why sell with a French real estate agent and not by yourself?


Why sell with a French real estate agent and not by yourself?

Most people avoid using a French real estate agent to save money but do they really. What if you under price the property,yes, it will sell quick and you will avoid the agency fee but if your net gain is less, have you really gained?

Consider the following when you are deciding if you wish to hire an agent or not.

An agent is a person whose job is to know the value of your property. If you are not an agent how will you know for sure the value of your home? Remember property for sale / list prices are not market value.

Phone Calls
An agent is an expert in qualifying clients to make sure a visit to your property only takes place with real potential buyers.
How will you qualify a visitor? How do you know they are serious or just curious?

An agents job is to sell your home and this takes experience. If it was just answering the phone and visiting property there would be no real estate agents ever employed. How good are you at negotiating? Can you avoid giving up money in the negotiation process?

An agent is investing their time in helping you without a guarantee of income unless he or she succeeds. They have the motivation to help you so they use all their experience to do so. Only if you win, will the agent earn any income.

Do you wish to spend your spare time outside of work trying to find the value of your property, the best way to market your property? Is it okay that you will have to stay home for buyer who may not show up and may not even have the money or access to money to buy your home? What about the stress of the home selling process?

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