Why are French Mortgage Rates Low at this time?


May 2014 French Real Estate Mortgage rates are at a historical low and the specialists in the French mortgage industry are surprised that the rates offered by the banks to their clients continue to be extremely attractive.

French property buyers with the best applications can get a mortgage right now for as low as 2.80 percent for 20 years according to the French mortgage broker Empruntis as quoted in Explorimmo.

Catherine Lanvario, director of communication of Credit Logement says there are many reasons why the rates are low. One is the banks are able to refinance themselves at very low rates. The current rate of government bonds Les OATS (les OATS explained) have gone down from 2.13 percent last month to 1.97 percent this month. The banks continue to support the economy by passing on the savings.

With low interest rates it is a great time to speak to a French mortgage broker to refinance your current mortgage (Learn when to refinance)

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