Who prepares the compromis de vente in a French real estate transaction?

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At this time in France when you have an accepted offer on price to purchase a French property you will need the compromis de vente to be drafted. This important document can be drafted by an agent immobilier who has the professional license or card that permits him or her to operate a French real estate agency.

However, due to the frequent change in French property laws and the danger of not drafting everything exactly right many agencies will prefer buyers or sellers to have the compromis de vente drafted by a French notary.

Note: Salespeople (negotiators) who work in a real estate office but do not have the professional card allowing them to operate an agency on their own, these salespeople are not permitted to draft the compromis de vente.

Make sure you have the right person creating this important document for your purchase of your French property.


If you are not sure contact us to put you in touch with an English speaking French notary just so you can find out more details about who can draft the compromis de vente.

Date of Posting September 2013


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