Which French Real Estate is the Most Popular?

French real estate continues to attract the eyes of people all around the world, many people living outside of France dream of living by the big blue sea in Nice or Cannes or in an apartment overlooking the roof tops in Paris.

Did you every wonder what the local French people dream of?

According to a new report to be published by Explorimmo and cited today in Le Figaro, 76 percent of French people wish to live in the countryside. Only 22 percent would like to live in the highly populated areas such as  Île-de-France.

Worth noting: according to the report the desire to live in the countryside is mostly among young French people aged 18 to 24 and French people reaching retirement age ( 50 years or older).

It appears that one of the motivations to live in the countryside is the reduced cost of living compared to living in more densely populated French cities.

However, given the option to live anywhere in France (without an financial concerns) still 70 percent of the French, according to the study, would prefer to live in an area with a population of less than 20 000 people.

Where would you like to live in France?